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Safe-T-Word Bingo


SAFE-T-WORD® Bingo is played just like regular bingo but replaces numbers with SAFE-T-WORD slogans©
Rather than calling out I-15, call out I-Wear Safety Glasses...remind employees to use PPE.
Stock SAFE-T-WORD® Bingo games with specific behavior slogans for;
Click on links above for list of specific behavior slogans





Safety bingo is an employee safety incentive program that companies throughout the country have used to increase awareness to safe behavior and reduce employee accidents.  Successful incentive programs and promotions motivate employees to work safely by increasing awareness.   Safety bingo was an easy and simple incentive promotion to raise awareness to safety every day.   Safe-T-Word bingo is just like safety bingo to raise awareness every day.  Safe-T-Word Bingo uses safety slogans in place of bingo numbers to remind employees of specific safe behavior for lifting correctly, MSDS, slips, trips, and falls, hazardous chemicals, ladder safety, electrical safety, lockout /tag out, PPE safety, eye safety, ergonomics, fire safety and more on and on the job hazards.

Safe-T-Word Bingo has several versions to focus employees on specific safety hazards for general industry, healthcare workers, long term care givers, driving and delivery, restaurant and can be customized to raise awareness to any work place hazards.  Since 2001 fortune 500 companies and small companies worldwide have used Safe-T-Word bingo to increase awareness to safety behavior and reduce work place accident.   From California, to Nevada, Kansas, Kentucky, Virginia, New York and South Africa, companies like John Deere, Papa John’s, Chevron,  DuPont, Wood Dale Healthcare, Emerald Crest Healthcare, B F Goodrich, Eurest Dining Service and more use Safe-T-Word Bingo to raise awareness to employee safety, reinforce safety behavior, reduce work place injuries and workers’ compensation cost.

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